General terms and conditions:


I. general-validity of the conditions

1.Our terms and conditions valids solely:
We don’t accept opposing conditions or conditions of the orderer that sheer from our terms and conditions unless we have given you our assertive written approval. Our terms and conditions valids, too,  if there are changes in the conditions or if other conditions of the orderer valids. Then the delivery is implicit realized, too 

2. All agreements that are made between us and the orderer in fulfilling your order have to been written down in this treaty. Especially our assistants are not authorised  to make oral agreements or to give oral assurance that exceeds the content of the treaty.

3. Our terms valids for all future sale contract legal dealings with the orderer

2. Offer and completion of the contract
1. Our offers are exemptible and allying

2. acceptance explications and all bookings need our written acceptance to become legal. The same is for additions alterations or oral agreements

3. costs
1. if there are no more information we are bound by contract to the costs that are in our offer for 30 days from the offer day on. Controlling are the costs in our contract note
2. Plus VAT. The VAT is written on the bill after the provision of the law on the day of the billing
3. Provided that there are no changes in the acceptance of order , our prizes valid ex works , solely the cargo, you have to pay extra.
4. The arranged prizes are only valid if we are able to comply our delivery and output in the next 3 months after the completion of the contract. Otherwise we reserve a conventionary change of the prizes because of a change of the costs that have to do with the job execution (especially blurb boost) period
Delivery dates are only valid if they were written arranged
2. The beginning of the delivery period that we target assumes the clarification of all technical questions

Performance costs:
1.    If we demonstrate an equipment you have to pay the performance costs that are 150 €  if ther is no completion of the contract
2.    If you should buy the equipment after the performance you don’t have to pay the demonstration costs